Welcome to Pereira Ocean Products

We bring you seafood excellence to your table since 20 years.
Since 1987, Pereira has been providing quality seafood on your dinner table. Our goal is to earn our customers trust. For this reason, our tenet is nothing but top quality. Pereira can be found in the main distribution channels. All of them trust our efficiency and, even more important, the quality of our product.

For years, you have enjoyed our products at home or in any hotel. Your satisfaction allows us, the hundreds of employees working for Pereira, to feel that we are doing the right thing. Our satisfaction is your satisfaction.

Background of Pereira

Pereira was founded to prepare and provide our customers with the best seafood. The men and woman working for our company have selected the best food products for years; but that was not enough. It was imperative for us to ensure that our premium products reached our consumers in top freshness condition.
For this purpose, Pereira was created in 1987.

This is the origin of a chain of value starting in every sea in the world and ending on your dinner table. We care about the best product quality. So many years in dose connection with the sea has allowed us to become familiar with its needs and to earn its confidence thanks to the experience of our men and women, and to the aid of state-of-theart technologies.

Our Premises

In our premises, covering more than 75.000 square feet and in our cold chamber, holding 5000 pallets, 130 people care, day after day, about compliance with top quality standards.
Also crucial to protect the top quality of any good product are other factors, such as an efficient service, good logistics and, of course, carefull attention. To ensure compliance with all these factors, our premises are the best place for our professionals to show their fine food skills.