Commercial Coldstore

It is a proven fact that the lack of cold store facilities within ports causes companies to export their fish immediately onto Reefer ships or freezer container ships. In order to maintain the quality of fish for export, it is imperative not to break the chain of cold because of the perishable character of the fish. Therefore, this installation, besides giving direct employment to 40 people and to generate economic movement in the auxiliary companies and of services, it will rebound in a very positive way in the rest of fishing companies. The main characteristics of the facilities:

  • 18.000 m3 total refrigerating storage capacity, divided into two freezer rooms with a universal access to 4500 pallets of frozen fish.
  • Computerized weighing systems in real time of palletized units.
  • 1200 m2 area for classification, transformation, containerizing, packing, etc.
  • 500 m2 trucks/loading area, equipped with three loading bay's with independent hydraulic platforms for simultaneous load.
  • 760 m2 service area for truck parking and container storage.
  • Laboratory equipped with quality control, inspection, and sampling.

Technical Data and Control System

  • 4100 m2 of total surface.
  • 2 storage rooms with capacity for 1500 and 3000 tonnes respectively
  • Racking system type Karpal Plus
  • Shelves to store 3942 pallets
  • 3 Compressors type Mycom 160 VLD 150 CV
  • 1 compressor type Bitzer OSKA 7461 K 60 CV
  • Condensers and HP liquid receivers
  • Low Stage Surge Drum and pumps
  • Factory and coldstore sorting area temperature controlled
  • Monitor and dialup system to the refrigeration plant


If you need cold storage facilities, please contact us for more informations.